Good luck

I’m finding it difficult, now that I’m no longer a Christian, to know what to say sometimes.  How to respond.  An old friend of mine has been job hunting for a while and periodically updates his statuses with hopes and discouragement from his search.  We used to talk for hours about what we believed God was doing in our lives and what he seemed to be saying to us.  In the past, I would have told him I was praying (and actually pray!!), and hope God would “open doors” for him.  I spoke fluent Christianese…and I would whole-heartedly mean every word of it.  But now?

I catch myself saying “good luck” because I don’t know what else to say.  It’s a stupid thing to say….I know he doesn’t believe in luck any more than I currently do, but I don’t know how else to say that I care and I hope things turn out well.  Every time I write something to that effect, it sounds a little like I am really saying “I HOPE things turn out well for you, but I really doubt it” which is the last thing I mean to say.  Maybe I need to work more on my communication skills.

It’s really bothering me though.  I’ve shed this whole other language and haven’t yet learned what the REST of the world says.  Besides “good luck.”  Or writing a long paragraph or two to explain exactly what I mean.  Any suggestions?