Who get’s the credit?

A couple of weeks ago the café I was working at closed shop, so my boss and I have been job hunting.  Yesterday morning she had an interview at a local coffee shop but found the shifts won’t work for her, so she mentioned me to the shop owner and gave me a glowing reference, and after leaving the interview she called me and said I needed to get my résumé in ASAP.  Around noon yesterday I was able to go in and talk to the owner who gave me an interview and I got hired right away!  And it was all thanks to my former boss.

Sounds pretty straight-forward, right?

I was thinking last night about how I would have viewed the above-mentioned events a couple of years ago.  When the café closed, “obviously God has something else in mind for me.”  And when I got the job after my boss sent me up with my résumé, “God just works things out so well!”  My boss’s kindness in suggesting me for the job would be overshadowed by whatever I thought God was planning for me, even though my boss is OBVIOUSLY a part of the event and God has to be fit in there somewhere…wherever I can make him fit….

It’s just nice now to be able to give credit where credit is due.  God, if you want some credit too, you have to do more than try to piggyback on my boss’s kindness.